Shit, no more fan

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I come home, to an absolute silence. My computer seems to have turned itself off. Now, I know that happens every once in a while, and the cause is usually not the machine itself, but the UPS that shits itself. I agree that having a UPS that shits itself and thus turns off the machine it is suppost to protect doesn't make much sense, but please... don't ask :)

I turn everything back on and start surfing, reading mail and everything seems to be normal. Suddenly I'm staring at a black screen and the damn thing reboots itself. Uh? As soon as it's back up, the first thing I check is the firewall. Might it be disabled and is some remote script (or scriptkiddie) rebooting my machine? Nopez, it's up and working as it should. Then I suddenly notice a change in the noise level and once again the box shits itself.

Turns out the fan of the powersupply is flaky, and thus the thing overheats massively. I got it running again now, but I don't know how long it'll last. I've already taken off one cover to help fresh air flow in and disperse heat, and now I'm off to look for a replacement powersupply, preferably a silent one. If anyone has suggestions (don't you have one of those silent power supplies, Joco?) lemme know!

Update : the PSU seems to be running fine for now. Was it just a temporary problem, I sure hope so! I've been looking into silent PSU's and the true no-noise models are still very hefty in price, but the Zalman ZM400B-APS (ATX - 400 Watt PSU) seems to fit both my needs as well as my budget. I might order one in case this OEM one goes tits up.

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i got the LC POWER POWER SUPPLY BLACK 420W SUPER SILENT 14CM FAN for aprox 55euro....

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