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George "God Bless the United States of America" Bush is coming to Belgium for 2 days in February. According to the most recent information, he will be visiting on sunday the 20th (arrival), have talks with Shakey Albert II and Rabbit Guy on monday, and a visit to the NATO HQ as well as the European Council (and possibly the EP) on tuesday. On wednesday he's supposed to leave for Germany.

If you oppose his "the world is mine and I do as I please" policies, please make sure to let him know. This is our chance to stand up and tell him to grow a brain.

Expectations are that on sunday night there will be some snow, and as January has been quite gentle for us temperature wise, quite some people might be suprised by it. Make sure you're prepared, and drive safely. I'll have to drive through it as I'm working a graveyard shift that day, but I'll be careful, I promise.

Off to get some food now, then possibly watch Black Hawk Down (recorded last night) and when I'm done I'll be programming the VCR for Between The Sheets (Produced by ITV), to see what it's about and whether or not it's worth trying to follow. A review of BTS was done by The New Zealand Herald.


I also watched 'between the sheets'. Entertaining but nothing very special. What did you think?

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