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Gotta call the vet tomorrow to set up an appointement asap. Bono seems to be feeling kinda under the weather and I want him to be checked out. He's not been doing so good the past months, even though nothing was really serious. He's just getting quite old and rational thinking leads me to conclude that 2005 will probably not be a good year, ferret-wise :(

Today is my last day of work for this shift, the on monday morning I'm off to fix some printer problems, in the afternoon I hopefully have that appointement with the vet. Tuesday is so far still free, so I might head out to check out the sales and get some new clothes. Wednesday is back off to work.

Yesterday morning I collected all my bank statements (including the end-of-year statements), calculated and reviewed my year financially and filed away all bills, contracts and assorted paperwork one deals with in everyday life. New files have been made for the year 2005, so I start off with a good setup. It's much easier to put some time into those things at the start of the year, opposed to spending hours during and near the end to try and find everything one needs.

Why do I always sound so boring?

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I hope everything will be ok with Bono.

And a happy new year to you as well!!!

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