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Nadine has written quite a post about the recent Tsunami disaster (in Dutch only), but she covered the aid gathering and funding even better. I have to agree with her that the amount of pressure put in individuals or governments is immense. If you don't "give, help, send aid, or donate" you're basically not a human being, heartless and evil. As we all remember, peer pressure is one of the hardest things to fight and stand up against as a teenager or twen, yet that same technique is now used worldwide.

I fought peer pressure and made my own decisions when I was growing up, and I'm doing it again. I agree that the disaster that happened was a catastrophy, that lots and lots of lives have been lost and several countries are in shambles, homes destroyed, public services disrupted and chaos everywhere. Will I be donating money to relief the pain? Will I be sending food or medicins to fight hunger or diseases? No, I won't.

Some of you might not be surpised when they read this, other may conclude that I'm a heartless bastard that should suffer immensly myself in order to "understand" what these people have to go through. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I will respect whatever comment you may or may not leave here.

I prefer aiding people and thus humanity on a long term. Sure long term aid will not solve the problems posed today, but it'll prevent those of the future, or at least make tackling them easier. Most aid is just a bandage, to stop the bleeding, but it doesn't cure the patient. It just barely keeps them alive, makes the images more acceptable for mass consumption and takes care of our guilty feeling. Think about it, admit it : this disaster is mediatized, sold, resold and used as a carrier to sell products, all in the name of aid.

Do you hear about the hundreds of victims in other countries - either dying each day because of famine, diseases or wars? No, because their story is too hard to compact, exploit and sell. Thus their market value is less than a spectacular event such as a tsunami and the destruction it caused.

I pick where to give, what to give and how much to fund. And those of you thinking that I'm all talk and no action are free to mail me (e-mail address is available on this page) and I'll tell them what I've done in the past, how my investements are spread out and why. Just make sure you can back up your own choices before one criticizes the choices others make.

In other news : Six Apart aquires LiveJournal


Well said !!

Every day thousands of people die from hunger
Every day thousands of people die in wars
Every day thousands of people die in the streets
because they have no shelter from the cold
Every day thousands of people die because they
don't get the basic medical needs WE take for
Every day millions of people don't care
Every day millions of people care but think 'hey
what can I do about it?'
Every day millions of people want more and more
and more
Every day a few hundred people want it ALL

Let make sure 'Every day' doesn't last forever...

Very nice copy and paste, Bhodi, and a truely subtle way to say that you think I'm a heartless bastard.

It seems to me you were too busy being annoyed and infuriated by what I wrote, that you didn't understand what exactly I wrote. Well, your loss, that's for sure but I wonder what you thought of my Tsunami Relief CD post :p

Nee maatje, helemaal ni.
Da was zeker genen aanval op ei, ik weet redelijk goed hoe gij denkt :-)
Da was nen aanval op de onverschilligheid van zovelen die NIET wakker liggen van alle ellende die er in onze 'beschaafde' wereld is.

Wette nei wie ik zen? :-)

Hm... bodhi is geregistreerd, mor nie door a. Ge kent me goe, maar gebruikt een fake adres en zonder ne link nor ne site.

Ofwel de Zwork van vroeger, mor da zou me verbazen (woroem nen andere naam) ofwel Stephke.

Right? Mailt me anders is eee...

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