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I've been digging a bit deeper into the life of SA Philip Snow, and this is what the web told me.

Technology Forums refers to him and has a short bio online as well. This is what they've got on him :

Special Agent Philip Snow

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Special Agent Philip Snow has been with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for over two years. During his time with the FBI, SA Snow has been assigned to the Washington Field Office’s criminal computer intrusion squad at the Northern Virginia resident agency. His investigative experiences have included investigations into wireless hacking, malicious code, phishing, unauthorized system access, and spam.

His educational background includes a Master of Business Administration degree with an emphasis on Advanced Information Systems and a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from the University of South Florida. Prior to becoming an FBI agent, SA Snow owned and operated an Internet Development company. SA Snow also has experience with code writing, system architecture, and PC/Network support.

And according to that site, he presented a course on "Conducting Wireless Cyber Investigations" on January 12th 2005, covering a case study about a recently completed investigation of an individual who was using wireless networks to facilitate a scheme to extort seventeen million dollars from a victim company. The techniques the extortionist used, as-well-as the techniques used to catch him, will be discussed. You will learn that you can never underestimate a cyber criminal.

I'm starting to think that these mails are more legit than they seemed at first. That of course still doesn't explain the open proxy use in the first mail, and I'll continue being suspicious until I receive a formal response - if any - from the FBI, but the more I research, the more all pieces of the puzzle start matching. I'm sure you'll understand though, Mr. Snow, that I can't just accept everything that ends up in my mailbox.

I suggest you give me a call, I've left my home phone number in the complaint filed under the number mentioned in my previous post. I've got the utmost confidence that you'll be able to see that is an international long distance call you'll be making, as I'm not in the USA. Therefore I won't be calling you, but please feel free to call me.

Update : I went ahead and replied to his mail - I'm curious, I admit it. If I suddenly disappear mysteriously, at least you all know where to look.

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