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what I've been up to the past two days, as I haven't been working. Well, yesterday quite a lot of time was spent fixing printers and taking ferrets to the vet. More time was wasted shopping for food - all healthy stuff like candy, pizza,... - and I spent the rest of the time either playing games, surfing or sleeping.

More of those three last activities were done today. I didn't even get out of the building. The few days that I'm at home, I like doing what I like, and nothing else. Actually, this morning I also filed bills and wrapped up 2004 completely now. That's about it.

Watched some TV this evening - some documentary about snakes, then I caught a documentary about some belgian top models working in NY (Hannelore Knuts was one of them - she's got a hot accent... after all she's from Limburg) and I also saw an episode of 24. Off to bed now!

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