Night of the long knives

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Working Night Shift (Flash Movie)

Even though that movie is kinda funny, today I found out about something much less funny. In fact, it has made me realize that not all colleagues are as nice and civil as they seem at first. I'm not gonna waste too much time and words on it, but those of you that know me personally, also know that you can mess with me once, but not twice. No matter what, I'm not bringing to the same low level as this "colleague". I don't know yet whether or not I'll confront him with it, or just keep it in mind and act as if nothing happened but watching my six closely.

Or I could just ask him one single question and by that make him aware that I know, and then not bring it up ever again. I just wonder why he did what he did? There would have been so many other (better?) ways of handling the situation, without attempting to stick a knife in my back. Well, you made your choices, and I'll reach my own conclusions. That's the end of this sorry story, I hope you enjoyed that flash animation better!

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