More code fiddling... some improvement


As you can see, this little blog of mine is slowly becoming more readable again. Let's be very clear though : don't expect everything to work as expected, since there are a lot more files to be re-edited and code to be examined in order to get even close to my MT2.661 blog version.

If only I remembered how I did things way back in the day - or where I found the neccessary info to make the modifications I did... it would certainly make things easier. Ah well, it's a good think though that I did all of those little tweaks myself, otherwise I'd be totally lost right now.

Some links seem to point to the same file right now (example : permanent link and comments) but those are things I'll correct or understand better after I'm done fiddling and open the manual that comes with this thingy. Yeah, I'm hacking undocumented old code, changing it comply with new tags, formats and functions, yet I don't care to open the manual. I've visited the support forums though for quick answers when I'm kinda stuck.

Will I ever learn? Probably not :)


Do not doubt your capabilities! You just learned that you need organization and documention. I think you Weblog is pretty good organized, the best in the world :-) Pitty you experienced these malfunctions, always remember to make a backup before implementing updates, additional functionalities.

This the advise you allways give to your customers ;-)


I made backups, phew... otherwise this blog would just have stopped existing!

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