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I just left this as a comment on Shelley's blog, and I think this could fit lots of men, yet they are afraid to admit it.

"Ah... the joys of moving. I always want to keep everything as well, and then one day I get fed up with it and throw it all away. Strange as it may sound, telling a guy that he has to get rid of things, is the same as asking him to give up his identity, as if you invade and try to change his core being.

Give him some time and he'll get rid of things himself. If you really really must put your foot down, barter about it. If he wants to keep A, B will have to go (or vice versa)... That'll leave him with choices to make, without disrupting everything at once.

You know... we're actually very very macho with a tiny heart that's easily broken."

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I think that's very true for a lot of men, but it also goes for us packrat women too. I keep everything, mostly because I will find a use for it at some point in the future.

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