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As I went to check on my mailbox a few hours ago, it was totally empty. The doorbell was just rang and when I picked up the intercom, it was the mailman. So I ran down (well, I took the elevator), expecting it to be the book I bought on e-bay about three weeks ago, but it was not. The mailman had our free energy saving lightbulbs with him, and as I seemed the only one home, I accepted and signed for the neighbors in my block as well. After all, I do know all of them, so why not?

Just for the heck of it, I checked the mailbox again and much to my suprise, there was a card in it that said "I tried to delived a package on the 17th, but you were not home. You can pick it up at - insert address - on the 18th after 9AM."

Excuse me?! Today is the 18th, and I'm VERY certain that card wasn't there when I got home yesterday afternoon, nor was it when I checked for mail this morning. So, either he made a mistake when it comes to the dates, or he's full of bullshit. Well, that last statement is true anyway, as I've been home all morning, and he didn't even try ringing the bell to see if someone was in. I can understand that having to deal with payments and such is a hassle, but please dude... do your job! Now I'll have to go running around because you're too lazy to do your work properly.

Anyway, it seems customs had their way with the shipment as well, and have been putting charges on it. This means it'll cost me a ton of money to actually receive the book I already paid a lot of cash for. The only thing I can hope for now, is that the seller didn't mention the real amount of money I paid for that book anywhere on the package. Then customs might just tax it as a regular book for an average price.

Off to work in about 30 minutes, and on friday my first time "alone".

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