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As I was emptying the mailbox today - I was hoping for either two work related letters, or one book I ordered from Ebay last week - I noticed it was quite stuffed. Two magazines, one of them Humo, the other one stuffed in a shiny silver cover, hiding the contents (must be an erotic kind of thingy), one advertising pamflet that was addressed to someone living in a completely different street with the same number, and one bill.

I really wonder if their mail turns up at my address, where mine is going? I was correct about the shiny covered magazine : it was a "last chance" catalogue of Pabo, some erotic shopping post-order outlet. As I browsed through it, I really was wondering what the point of it all is? It's full of erotic lingerie for women, the "sexy" clothes for men are not something that either fits or becomes me, and I really don't fit in the "free sexy string with shiney beads" that was included. Besides the fact that I don't like wearing strings, this was a female model too. No way I could wear it and keep all my stuff inside!

So... if anyone feels like they have use for a nice black string with a ruby-chain on the backside (image here), gimme a yell. First one to mail or leave a comment - address not needed to be public, just mail it to me - gets it! I have no clue what size it is, but as it stretches it should fit XS to M. Update : it's gone. Joco seems to like strings ;)

Last night, I was watching some telly and stumbled upon one of those date-by-SMS programs that cost you 0.75 euro a message. I browsed the profiles on teletekst and gave it a go. What a load of crap is that? I think someone just makes up profiles so everyone can find something they like, and throws it on TV to make (lots of) money. Have you ever replied (first reply) to a complete stranger messaging you with the words "baby", "honey" or "sexy"? Especially if my originating messages had nothing of even the slightest hint to sex, erotica or whatever in them?

I need to get out more, really.


yes yes yes
a string ;)

You want it, you got it :)

and its a stretch one ?
damn.give it to eef for her birthday
if it's from pabo. she'll have it herself ;)

So... either she'll have two, or the two of you can have matching pairs :D

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