Dear Philip Snow

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I just received your latest mail, and it seems that you are actively monitoring this website. I've also noticed that you are no longer using an open proxy to send mails, which is a start. For those interested in my communication with "the men in black", please find a transcript below (headers stripped).

I assure you that this is a real email and I am asking for your assistance. If you are not interested in helping, that’s ok. Otherwise, please call my field office number then ask for me.

Thanks, Philip

I think this proves with some certainty that he's reading and following what I write here. Interesting, wouldn't you say? Most spammers/phishers don't go to such great extends to lure their victims in, nor do most spammers/phishers target people that have shown at least basic understanding about internet security, mail fraud and mail headers.

Anyway, Special Agent Philip Snow... I've submitted all information gathered so far to your agency through their official website. I guess I'll know soon enough whether or not you're legit. If you want to look up the case using the complaint number, feel free to do so : I05012717148263.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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