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It's still a work in progress - obviously - but today I got TypeKey authentication working. The cryptic error "The site you're trying to comment on has not signed up for this feature. Please inform the site owner." that I received before when signing in was of no help at all.

While it might be a fine error message for a reader, if I get such an error as the admin of this blog, it contains NO information that tells me how to resolve the problem. Way to go!

So... I've been playing with the commenting setup and here is the current status :

Comments from Unregistered Users are possible, but will need moderation from me before they appear on the site (which could take a few hours). They also need to leave name + e-mail address.

Comments from Registered Users are accepted by default, providing they leave an e-mail address as well.

All comments are checked and verified against MT-Blacklist, and the No_follow tag has been installed to make comment spamming useless (no pagerank gained by leaving your spam here!).

I've edited the Archives list a bit, until I figure out to get it in a nice pulldown menu again. It's probably just a few lines of code, but I gotta get those right.

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