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I just received this mail, and I wonder if it was related to some earlier posts I made here, here, or maybe here? Hell, just search this blog for it and you'll find lots more related entries. Now, onto the mail :

Subject : I have a question for ServMe from

My name is Philip Snow. I am a Special Agent with FBI and came across your web site during the course on an investigation I am currently working on. I work on criminal computer intrusions cases as well as phishing and spammer cases. I am requesting your help and am interested in talking with you about a particular post you made. It appears you have done a lot of research and your assistance on my investigation would be much appreciated. I can be reached at 202-278-2000 (Ask for SA Philip Snow) or I would be happy to call you.

Thanks for your time and consideration,
Philip Snow
Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington Field Office/NVRA

Now... let's be clear about this : This ain't a real mail from the Feds. Yes, there is a local Washington FBI Office, and yes the phone number in my mail matches the one listed for that office. But since that information is public anyway, anyone can pull such a trick. Then how do I know?!

Because I doubt the FBI sends mails using open proxies, in this case one at IP address Anyway, in the rare case this mail is legit (yeah right), I'm sure the men in black will find an alternative way to contact me, won't they?

Now... another video for your enjoyment : State of the Union (Quicktime Format, 14.1MB)

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