Bono, getting old


Just got back from the vet, and Bono is doing (kinda) fine. He's getting old though and it shows. The obvious loss of fur and some skin problems are very likely related to kidney problems. Something that in itself is quite common in ferrets, even more so if they reach a respectable age. He's gotten an expensive shot, which needs to repeated coming april, and then every 5 months I believe. According to Elly, they've got equally good results from this medicin as from invasive surgery, so I think the choice can be made easily.

He also had infected anal glands - which is something that can just happen - so we needed to get rid of the smelly gunk too. If I tell you we did this outside in order to keep the practice smell-free, I think one knows enough. I held Bono firmly while Elly squeezed and pushed most puss out. Yes, it's a yummy idea, ain't it?

Follow up consists of 10 days on antibiotics, and checking regulary because there is a small chance that those glands need to be cleared once more. I'm off to the pharmacy now to get those meds.


If you were squeezing pus out of my anal glands, I wouldn't want you blogging about it. I'd be grateful as hell though...

I love YOU U2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fav song is Beautiful Day!

Have you actually read that entry, Annie? That wasn't about Bono from U2, but about Bono, one of my carpetsharks. I doubt that Bono from U2 needs his anal glands cleared :p

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