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It seems my hard work over the past days has come to fruitition... the massive error log I noticed earlier this week has been reduced to a mere 2 entries a day, coming from a spider (at least, that's what I presume) coming from IP, and it always looks for a rss feed that only was available for a couple of days (possibly even hours). It was from a test installation I did when checking out WordPress, but somehow the feed was picked up almost instantly.

That should be solved now, as I added a permanent redirect to the main page here. Last night I was seriously thinking about starting to tinker with a .htaccess file in order to block some unwanted traffic and access to my page, but I delayed that till the day I've got a bit more time. After all, if I am a bit careless with that file, I might block everyone, block the incorrect people, or it may not work at all. That remains on my to-do list...

Off to work in a matter of minutes. I just got out of bed and would really have loved to stay in a bit longer (especially if I had nice company), but duty calls. It sucks always being responsible, doesn't it?

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