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A short overview of some of the anti-spam measures I've currently installed.

MT-Blacklist : This one needs little introduction I think. Originally created by Jay Allen, this plugin now has become a supported part of Movable Type. Jay Allen joined 6A as well. The last version supports auto-updating, auto-comment denial, moderation and more lovely things.

MT-DBSL : Created by Brad Choate. Checks the IP address of the comment submitter against a DBSL list. This should instantly block everyone using an open proxy. Turned on and set to moderate right now. Will move to auto-deny after a (short) test period. If you are blocked, contact me. And make sure your computer is not a zombie!

Project Honeypot : A long-term anti-spam measure. Tracks spammers through the use of honeypot addresses. Will not affect you or this blog, but provides interesting data in the long run.

Nofollow Tag : Supported by a few search engines already, this tag prevents spiders from following the link it is attached to. In this case, it means that dumping URL's in a comment won't do you any good, spammer. If the spiders don't follow your links, they don't index them, and your pagerank doesn't increase. End of story :)

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Testing the various anti-spam measures.

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