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I seriously hate getting up at 4AM and every time I'm working a series of sunrise shifts, I feel like I've worked 10 days in a row, even if it's only the third one. I'm just not a morning person I guess - no suprises there I'd say!

I've totally lacked time and drive to continue restoring the CSS that makes this blog look better (also due to the reason mentioned above), but I'm still working on it. It could be a very easy copy/paste operation, but my 2.661 MT templates were customized quite a bit, and the default 3.14 MT templates changed in various places so it's a line by line comparison process, yet while still looking at the whole concept as well.

Now, does anyone know how to change the size of the textarea in the admin sections of MT3.14. For some reason I'm stuck with tiny textareas in Firefox, but I'm sure it should be possible to change this. If correctly, I even recall this behaviour popped up in an earlier version of MT as well, yet was remidied then.

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