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Much to my suprise, the mailman didn't wake me up this morning, yay! Went to bed pretty late because I'll be starting graveyard shift tonight and I watched tons of programs on TV. Let me think for a while : on NGC there was a show called Taboo, about initiation rites/rites of passage with the Funali, indians in Brazil and a Shaman rite in Korea. BEfore that I had watched a documentary about the Secret Service (also on NGC), and after I tuned in for a rerun of the late news on VRT.

Originally I turned on the telly for Zembla on "Nederland 3" about cars, their polution and being the Holy Cow of the West, but they had another topic instead. Mortgage and more precisely the benefits you get when buying your own property in the form of a tax refund was up for discussion. Apparently there have been quite some promises by most politcial parties and hotshots that the current system cannot be touched, whereas some other (more alternative) people stated that the system benefits the rich more than those who need it most. Everything considered, quite an interesting discussion, and one that we'll have to have over here in Belgium sooner or later as well.

Went to bed around 3'ish and read a magazine till 4 before turning off the light and closing my eyes. I'm kinda nerveous for tonight, with it being the first shift that I'm "responsible", especially if the "colleague" I talked about earlier joins me in the control room. I'm very well aware that I'll make mistakes in the coming weeks and months, and working together with someone that doesn't mind stabbing one in the back doesn't really ease my nerves. Ah well... let's not get all worked up from the start, shall we?

Oh, I finally received my official ID-card that states I'm a licensed security guard. About time I'd say :)

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Congratulations with your license, security guard !!

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