A first peek into 05


So... this is the first entry of yet another year. The older I get, the less important these commercialized and over hyped celebrations become it seems. I recall that I used to go out to party, launched fireworks, and did all those things one is "supposed" to do on days like this. However, as the years went by, I stopped going out - it's too crowded, too expensive and just "too" anyway - and instead opted for spending it with some friends, family. A close party, just hanging out together.

This year I worked till ten PM, then drove over to my sisters' place to play some games. She didn't have anything special planned, nor did I, so why not meet and play board and cardgames? It was fun, I enjoyed it, even though it's not rock and roll. I'm getting too old to rock and roll :)

What will 2005 bring? I haven't got a clue but I'm sure it'll be interesting, because life is what you make of it.


Being one year closer to death is not an overhyped or commercialized. Think of it as being closer to getting cancer or a heart attack, that'll make seem so much more fun! Happy NY!

Happy NY Servme!! A good health and a lot fun!!

Vrolijk Pasen Servme !!!

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