Wishes, Irritation and Porn Names.


As I was driving to work this morning, I noticed a small van in front of me with a website advertised on it. I've got no clue what the company does, but you gotta admit that the name "Morgan Blue" sounds like a porn name and nothing else, right? I bet Morgan Blue is the nephew of "Jack Strong" and starred in "Hard Bargain 69" or some other flick.

Got back home, read mail and got pissed off twice. Someone I don't know finds it funny to mail me to urge me to vote for them in some contest, and as this is already the second time I receive the mail in the past two weeks or so, I got really fed up with it. I contacted one other recipient on the list (someone I do know personally) and asked him if he knew the sender of the mail. I got some vague answer about someone with a similar e-mail address being known to them, but that the owner of that address didn't know anything about a contest.

To make a long story short, I filed another Spamcop report, contacted the abuse departement of the senders ISP and filed a complaint with Virgin Express, the organizers of the contest. I already received a request for more info from Virgin Express and hope to see the spammer account closed. I know I may waste my time with trivial things like these, but once something has reached a certain irritation level, there is no holding me back and I go for it till the finish.

The other thing that pissed me off slightly was actually done by someone who means very well, and I'm not yet sure how to react to it. Technically speaking he didn't do anything wrong - especially since the idea behind it all was to "help" me - but I kinda feel pressed/violated anyway. Maybe I'm just in a mood that triggers irritation more easily and I am quite certain that if both things had happened seperately - on different days - I might not have reacted to either of them. Let's just consider it "wrong place, wrong time" bad luck for at least one of them.

Now, more important things : today my godson Alex is celebrating his 3rd birthday already. Damn, that kid is growing up fast! I'm off to a small celebration party in a few minutes... Happy birthday Lexi!


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