need sleep. Need girlfriend. Need food. Need fun.

Sleeping will solve the first need. Going to the store and buying food will take care of number three, and enjoying myself is the answer to number four. It's just number two that keeps on giving me a hard time.

Don't mind me. I'm tired and have no clue as to what I'm writing. Ignore me. I'm used to it.


Hey now! Did I NOT just ask you to marry me this week?!?! :D

You did Ash, but marrying and having a girlfriend is not quite the same in my simple brain :)

Besides, do you really think it's practical living a couple thousand miles away?

Pssh. What's a little distance between friends? HAHA! I'd still marry you though. Even though neither of us subscribes to the institution of marriage. :D

Krys and I had a discussion last night that involved you. It was interesting and if you want to know, I'll tell you about it in another venue!

Tell me, tell me! Whenever two lovely ladies like Krys and you are involved, I wanna know :p

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