Loose yourself

Just spent 15 minutes analyzing what had happened to the blog of a friend. She IM'ed me this "Serv... what is going on with my blog???".

Now, let me get this straight : I'm not hosting her blog, nor do I have anything to do with the daily maintenance of it. I just happen to have it set up for her, on a webhost of her choice, so she turned to me first to find something out. Apparently, everything had been defaulted back to the initial settings, which left her locked out, all posts gone and no way to easily gain access again. My first idea was that someone had hacked into the account, but upon analyzing the databases there was not evidence of something like it happening.

I went in through her domain controlpanel, accessed the database, removed the old password, created a new password, dropped it in the DB so she regained access. The thing is though, she's lost pretty much everything stored in that database. Some of it being things that were unique - as in not saved anywhere else. People, please... make sure you make backups!

I backed up all the sites I host/maintain today - when did you?

Oh, if you're running windows XP, with Service Pack 1 (ouch!) and use IE (even more ouch!) make sure you install the latest iframe vulnerability patch released by Microsoft (MS04-040). Don't do it tomorrow. Do it today!

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