Off to get some food for this afternoon - I'm having spaghetti tonight after I get home - and then at 13h00 off to work after entertaining the fuzzies for a while. Cleaned out their cage completely yesterday coz they made a mess out of it.

Heard a very funny story yesterday evening in the pub, it's a good thing my best friend Joco knows me very well, or I might be in trouble :) Allow me to explain :

Joco and Eef have two kids, Alex and Michael. Alex will be three this year and is talking quite well already. Over the week, daddy asked him what happens when daddy goes to work, and what does the little rascal answer?

"Uncle ServMe comes over."
"Ah", says daddy, "so he comes over to play with you?"
"No," Alex answers, "he comes over for mommy. And they go upstairs (to the bedroom)."

Oops... damn kids ;) You can imagine the trouble I could have been in for something that ain't even true. Phew. This reminds me of another story, but I'll keep that for some other day.


He said exactly: Servme and mom go to sleep upstairs... and as you know, i don't have a problem with sleeping ;)

hehehehe...and my friend: why would you be in trouble ???? it's she who shares my bed with someone else ;)

anyway, i'm sure in the future that i'm going to listen exactlyto what alex tells me ;)

Grin... I can sleep at home too ;)

Why should I be in trouble? It takes two to party, so blaming just one would be unfair. Though you couldn't accuse me of having a bad choice in women :D

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