The hood is yours now

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Got about an hour and a half of GTA San Andreas playtime yesterday, took over two - or was it three - more hoods. I'm up to 16 now, and steadily working on expanding my territories. Too bad I sometimes just forget to duck and avoid bullets fired at me - I just stand there blasting everyone else away. I looks mighty cool, but at the same time it is incredibly foolish. I know, I know... but it is just so much fun.

Maybe I should concentrate on finishing some more missions, guess I'll play some more tonight, take over hoods till I reach 20 and then continue wreaking havoc during missions. I'm finally getting "into" the game it seems. At first I was a bit disappointed that San Andreas didn't really suck me in as Vice City and GTA3 did, but I think that is just to blame on the console. I played GTA3 and Vice City on PC, and was really struggling with the PS2 controller.

I hope to find some of the 2 player locations soon, so I can invite Joco over to really tear up the place :)

Oh, my troath still hurts although it seems a tad bit better today but the green slimes are still invading. I'll live through it.

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yes!!!2player games

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