Steph and Chantal want to go to Valencia


You know, I normally hate these "please vote for me", "join me on site xxx", "help me so I can win ..." mails. Yes I receive these every now and then and usually just delete them, not bothering to do whatever it says. Yes, I'm a bully like that.

I just don't like the idea that one organisation collects and gathers data on tons of people in return for a slight chance of winning a prize for someone else. Hell, I hate giving out my personal details, answer queries or fill out forms unless I get to pick where I do so and when I do so. So I certainly don't unless it benefits me.

However, today I received a mail from Steph, who's a former colleague of mine. Back in the days, we had lots of fun and enjoyed working together. Well, at least that is my impression. She wants to win duo tickets to go to Valencia with her girl, and since I know she really loves sea, sun and sex partying, I decided to give her a little push in the right direction, and I clicked on her site to vote. No need to fill out details, to leave your e-mail address, nothing.

Steph and Chantal want to go to Valencia, so give the ladies a hand and vote : If you click that link and leave a comment on this blog, I'll even send you some totally hot FK stickers!

Yeah yeah... I know. I'm too good for this world ;)


Which one am I supposed to click on? I don't read the language?!?!

The first rectangular image closest to the thermometer that says Stem Mij Naar Valencia!

Or use this link instead :

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