Short entry, feeling very ill.

Sprained a muscle in my back when going shopping yesterday morning it seems. It hurts when I sit, stand, lay down or breathe - pretty much all the time that means.

At work the cold I was hoping to have conquered by friday finally broke through and I got a terrible headache. Got home around 22h45 and didn't even check my mail or cooked dinner. Had two cups to tea to help with my sore troath and went to bed just before midnight because I wanted to get at least 10 hours of sleep.

Have been turning in bed around till 04h45, not catching a single minute of sleep, cursing the damn headache and back that gave me crap. Finally got up and searched the medical cabinet for something that could help me, but found nothing but three meds that I don't even recall getting - must be remainders of the time Sandra was still living here - and they expired somewhere in 2000, 2001 and 2004. Hating meds anyway I decided not to take my chances on unprescribed, unknown expired pills. Finally remembered the sirop I got from the vet a couple of months ago, which was to help Tisha breathe easier. If it works for her, it should work for me as well, besides it is actually intended for humans. Took two spoonfuls - after reading the instructions - and went back to bed.

My head and back still hurt but at least the coughing got a bit less and I think I might finally have gotten 4 hours of sleep. Took my temperature as well and though it was high, I wasn't running a fever

Off to work in less than two hours now, feeling pretty tired, in pain and generally bad. I hope I can make it till tomorrow evening and crash during tuesday, wednesday and thursday. Someone remind me please to at least get some acetylsalicylic acid to deal with the headache.

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