Royally Screwed

Well, that was just my first impression, when I looked at the clock this morning and it said 05h45 and my colleague hadn't yet arrived. Officially we only start/stop at 06h00, so if he arrives at 05h59 there is not really a problem. No one forces us to come 15 minutes earlier, but I - and most colleagues - do so anyway because it facilitates an easy shift change, with enough time to pass information about expected, past and ongoing things.

Around 06h00 we called the colleague that had to come and relieve me of my duties and we actually woke him up. I was able to leave at 06h45, so I did an extra 45 minutes today. The bad thing is that it'll cut into the amount of time I can sleep, the good thing is that today is sunday, so I get 45 minutes paid a tiny little bit more as usual.

The best thing is though that in 13 hours or so I start my last graveyard shift, and I'm looking forward to being home again for a few days, so I can do some shopping, and find some time to play some more GTA San Andreas. Off to bed now!

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