Oops, I did it again


Just got back from the shopping spree I announced below. I did get what I needed partially, and much more at the same time. I needed socks, and I got them (15 pair to be correct) and I picked up a few boxer shorts as well cos some older ones could need a replacement. So far so good... but then I ended up at free record shop :(

Missy Elliott's Under Construction (I'm still not sure whether or not I actually owned this CD yet, but I can't spot it right now), an Eminem DVD under the name "E", then to satisfy my geek roots I picked up the original Tron (20th anniversary edition with bonus DVD) and finally to end with a cultural note the DVD of Cidade De Deus (City of God), a movie that I originally downloaded from to web but loved so much that I now picked up the original DVD version. Can't wait to see it again.

When I came home, the mailman had dropped off my ordered Scala on the Rocks "Dream On" double CD as well. Now if only I could find the previous album I bought from them. I have the bad habit of leaving CD's everywhere, often resulting in losing them for a couple of months and then suddenly rediscovering them. I just found a stack hidden somewere (OST of Charlies Angels - Yasmine, Blauw - OST of Blade - Melanie C, Reason - OST of Johnny Mnemonic and Music by Madonna).

This reminds me to put Nothern Star from Mel C on my X-mas wishlist... my CD suffered from a nasty scratch and I love the album to it just needs replacement.


15 pairs of socks!!!! I felt extravagent the other day when I bought 2! (They were really funky over-the-knee ones though!). But hey, I guess it means you don't have to wear the same ones 2 days in a row like me!

*hangs head in shame*


Two pair of funky-over-the-knee socks totally beat 15 pair of regular sports socks anyday! Buying 15 does mean I can get rid of all pairs with holes in them :)

You're right... going into the Free Record Shop IS dangerous... I did the same last Saturday and ended up with one new PS2 game and 2 dvd's :S

Oooh... what game and DVD's did you get Nadia?

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