On or off, decide, will you?

Time to hit the sack baby. One down, 6 to go and even though it was kinda busy this morning - starting a shutdown always increases the amount of people and problems on site - it wasn't too bad. Spent close to 50% of my shift outside, walking through the night and if it hadn't been for the two or three hours of rain, it would have been very enjoyable.

And something exciting happened too. I checked a particular place that is not used that often and made sure all lights were out and everything was in order. When I walked past it a couple of hours later, the lights were back on, what is very supicious in the middle of the night, and for a place where no one should be. I alerted my colleagues and went to investigate. It turned out no one was there, everything was okay. Someone must have gone in there to check on something and forgot to turn off the lights again. That may sound like nothing much, but it's the tiny details that often make the difference...

It was all a lot more exciting when I was carefully checking the corners and rooms, it almost sounds boring when written down. Such is life I suppose.

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