Yes, I'm listening to Ministry's New World Order track from their album Psalm 69. I think it is quite appropriate in the light of current events. It'll be quite a few more hours before we actually know whether or not there is even a faint chance of a N.W.O., but I'll be listening to the news for sure. The first results should start coming in after 03h00 and since I'll be awake and working I hope to be able to follow it on the radio.

While I could write lots and lots about it all, I decided not to attribute more importance to it as it has. Sure, some call it the election of "the most powerful man on earth", but frankly I doubt that. The actions and decisions taken over there (points to the USA) in the (recent) past made me realize that you are not a leader because you claim to be one.

One is seen and recognized as a leader because of what they do, and especially how they do it. If you disregard everything but your own benefit - or the benefits of the close circle of "friends" around you - you can never been accepted as a leader beyond that small group of people that will not doubt you or criticize you.

Remember people : a friend will tell you when you do well, but a true friend will speak openly and frankly when you go wrong. Then is the time to listen and reflect upon their words, and look beyond the immediate pain and hurt you feel because they challenge you. True friends don't intend to hurt you, but aim to help by being honest.

Have you voted?


Yes, I voted! Whee!

Yay, and it showed in the Michigan results too Ash :)

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