My kick - your sick

| 1 Comment and subsequently The Register report that New Zealand has banned the game Postal 2 - produced by RwS - from being sold in the country. In fact, if you (already) own a copy of the game, you'd be in violation and could be fined NZD2000.

Similar things happened in Australia when they banned Manhunt.

Let me be clear about something : I've played Postal 2, and yes it's gory, violent and freaky, but at the same time it's incredibly funny, sarcastic and makes fun of everyone and everything. I guess it just takes education and openmindedness to see beyond the shallow violence and enjoy the finer puns in the game. Yes, RwS mocks the Middle East, but they mock Catholics as well, and all Tree Huggers are served a round of the same. If you can't see that humor is nothing personal, but just an enlargement of the differences that make each and everyone of us unique, I pity you.

Why is everyone up in arms about all of this? If it ain't your thing, don't buy it. Please stop forcing your "noble" mindset onto others, for you may not truely realize what a beast you've unleashed until it turns against you. The most sickening part of this all is not the fact that these games exist, but the fact that more and more similar behaviour is appearing worldwide. Conservative members in the USA are planning a giant campaign against pornography and China is coming down hard on adult entertainers and site owners as well.

If porn ain't your thing, don't look at it. Your kick might be my sick and vice versa. I don't go running around telling people they can't go to church, that they can't do drugs, or can't love someone of the same gender. None of the above examples interests me in particular, but I'm not offended if others make a choice to practice any of them. Their choice personal of freedom doesn't infringe my personal freedom and therefore I have no right whatsoever to get involved in their personal freedoms.

While it is true that personal freedoms often interfere with each other, please don't go looking for problems and intereferences that ain't there.

I suggest you watch The People VS Larry Flynt - I did, once again last night - and think it all over.

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That's a good movie. I watched it again as well.

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