Magic I tell you

Ain't it strange how simple things in life can be so enjoyable? I'm not talking about taking a good dump or relieving your bladder from pressure, let alone having an orgasm. All of those are nice, no doubt about it, but I'm talking about something some people wouldn't even think of.

This morning as I woke up a few minutes after 9, I go up, took a pee and headed back to bed. I opened the curtains and the window so a plentitude of air and light flooded the bedroom, and I just dug myself a bit deeper into my blanket and read some magazines and stuff like that. It was great to just see all the light, feel the cold breeze and let my mind make strange hops and connections as I was browsing through articles, cruising on words.

Life is magic, let me assure you.

Off to my sister now to return her TV...

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