I am sorry, kitten...


Warning : if you can't handle real life situations with a less than happy (hollywood type) ending, don't continue reading. Stop reading here, I'm NOT kidding. Keywords for the true story below are things like cute animals, blood, gore and guts.

I guess you've all heard about the "Everytime you masturbate, god kills a kitten" image/banner that has been floating around on the web. Well, I wonder if it works the other way around too? In that case, god should his/her freak on, shake that booty, work that wonder.

Why? Coz today I killed a kitten. Yes, it unfortunately is no joke, although I'm not sure whether or not is wasn't dead before, nor could I do anything about it. Allow me to explain.

We've got two of these rolling bands to transport luggage that people can use when they enter the building. They're only in use when lots of people come in at once and are turned off the rest of the day. Today I had duty there, so I arrive at 05h30 or something like that and happily chat along with the colleagues. We also go outside to see if the cats are around and we notice they're all there except one : the little black and white kitten ain't there.

As people start coming in, I check their bags and after a while as the flow of people increases I reach for my keys and turn on the transport band. It opens the gate and starts rolling. As it's rolling for just a couple of seconds it suddenly runs off its regular path so I immediately press the emergency stop and reverse it to see what has happened. It returns to its regular path again, so I switch direction again and notice a little red spot on the band itself. This is quite strange as it had not yet been used today so no luggage could have leaked.

I stop it again using the emergency stop and do a step back when I notice something terrible : apparently the missing little black and white kitten somehow managed to get into the mechanism and I'm looking at a part of a dead kitten at 06h10 or so in the morning. On an empty stomach.

I manage to call in a colleague to check what and if we can do something about it, but it's quite clear that there is no way the little kitten can still be alive. Going by the smell that now surrounds the transport band, I think it might even have been in there for a while, possibly even dead before I started the thing.

There is little we can do apart from try to contain and control the situation, especially if we expect a few hundred people entering right besides the location of the accident. I grab a few paper napkins, pick up some bloody parts, and rearrange some things to provide as little direct line of view to the kitten as possible. I doubt anyone noticed anything - apart from the transporter not being in service - as they entered and I checked their bags.

After most people had entered and it calmed down significantly we had two technicians come in - they had been called already - to disassemble the transport band, get the kittlen out and clean everything. Not their most favorite work, that was clear but after a few hours most was cleaned up and disinfected. The smell however remains and the impression will remain branded in my brain for a long time. If only I had seen the kitten - which was impossible - or had not started the transporter - something I had to do.

Yes, I am very sad about it and I wished it hadn't happened, but there is little I could have done to prevent it. Should I rename this blog to Crushedkitten instead?

After this wonderful start of the day, things only went downhill and sucked majorly. I'll be happy when it's friday afternoon and I'm away from all this for 2 days.


damn sorry to hear..but hey, let's keep the world
in balance.... you now have a reason to mastrubate !!!(just kidding)

sorry about the kitten. Life must go on!

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