that this week is finally finished. Today one person gave me shit while I was just doing my job. I can totally understand him being tired and a bit irritated that I pointed something out to him, but refusing to cooperate and identify himself was not terribly smart. Luckily he seems to have realized that a bit later on, as he came up to me and identified himself to me. By that time we had already looked up his record though based on his location and the number of his locker.

When he ran into some problems moving around on the site a few minutes after my encounter with him, he got quite a preach from my colleague(s) at the other end of the line and he apologized. I just wished that he would have understood that I was just doing my job too, and I wasn't out to get him or piss him off. We are on site to serve the client and at the same time professionally and politely yet firmly enforce the rules as they are set by our client. We don't make those rules and we don't enjoy pointing out to people that they're wrong or offending those rules.

Ah well... I guess it's just one of those things we all have to live with and I know for a fact that I won't lose a minute of sleep over it. I did what I was supposed to do, but he opted to make a problem of it, whereas if he just complied I would have taken a look at his badge so I knew his name and let it slip. Him reacting as his did though forced me to take official note and relay the information to others.

Believe me people : making things difficult doesn't solve anything, for neither party. In the end you'll draw the shortest straw anyway, and we'll just have more paperwork and effort put in it than it all is worth.

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