Exploits, updates and (a lack of) patches.

An exploit has been found in the Sun Java plugin, a java virtual machine used by various browsers, not only IE or Firefox. Java Runtime version 1.4.2_05 and older are vulnerable to this exploit where a specially crafted malicious applet can escape the built-in sandbox and do whatever it wants on the system. Solution : Upgrade to 1.4.2_06.

Secondly - and possibly more important - the still unpatched iframe vulnerability (aka Bofra) in Internet Explorer 6 was aggressively exploited over the weekend. One online advertising delivery service (ran by Falk eSolutions AG) was compromised and one in every 30 ads served by them were redirected to a website containing malicious code, exploiting the iframe vulnerablity.

XP users that have the SP2 installed are not affected, all other windows users are vulnerable unless they use a different browser, or MS comes up with a patch. More info can be found here and here.

To make this entry slightly interesting, here's a funny (in a juvenile way) flash animation for you to enjoy : Winky Winky Bum Bum Poo Poo Titty Titty

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