Denise - what a pain in the ass

I finally got around to playing some GTA San Andreas again today - it had been quite a while and I already lost some interest in it, as I was really stuck on some missions. However, today I tackled the OG "Madd Dog's Rhyme Book" mission, followed by Officer Tenpenny's first mission where you gotta burn down a house and rescue Denise. Not too difficult, or maybe I just got lucky.

Accepted a phonecall from Sweet and finally unlocked Ammunation so I could get myself some better guns. Took over the Glenn Park territory and after saving I took over another one as well. Successfully defended my own hood, but then got slaughtered when attempting to take over a third area. I must admit though that I went in totally unprepared : no body armor, only one gang member with me, and with a one star police wanted level. It turned out to be a bad idea :)

Anyway, taking over territories is not really that hard it seems, as long as you know what you're doing and are stacked up on armor, guns and ammo. And there's lots of cash to be made by fighting gangwars. Both during the wars itself - opposing gang members as quite often loaded with cash - as after you've taken over the hood.

I might put in some more hours later today, but I got tired of playing right now.

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