Deception 2004


I feel utter disappointement in those who really think that getting Bush re-elected was a wise move. If you are one of them, may God be with you, because that is exactly what you'll have to rely on in the next decades. Don't expect the rest of the world to stick out its hand and help. Flipping everyone the finger can hardly be seen as constructive conversation, and while we tend to forgive and move on to more important things in life, we don't forget. We really hoped you would have learned something from the past 4 years. Apparently you didn't. Will it take another 9/11?

Four more years. Let those letters do the talking :

Fear mongering
religious zealots

media concerns


From this day on - and until the current administration is terminated - I will refer to America as USE instead of USA.

Note : I am fully aware of the fact that a fair portion of Americans actually know their stuff, they are not pleased with the outcome of this election either, nor are they looking forward to the future. These people are probably looking into emigrating from the USE as we speak, and I can't blame them. However, even whilst being an informed and open minded American, it won't be easy the next decade, as a majority of ignorant fools just made it harder for everyone.


USE? not sure I get the point... but apart from that, I agree with you. I believe the first reaction from my side when I heard the news was the wonderful F-word.

Nadia, have you actually hovered over the USE word? It's all explained :)

If all Bush supporters are ignorant because you say so than all Kerry-pushers are sore losers

Emigration? Is there any room at the Casa du ServMe?

Ash : for you, always.

Deanna : It's good to see that a childish reply to a childish statement still works for ignorant fools :)

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