As I was driving home last night I already noticed that my troath was hurting a bit, and when I woke up this morning, it was even worse. Add to that some sneezing, snotty boogers and green slime and you'll understand that I seem to have caught something. I doesn't worry me though, as I'll start eating more fruit, drink lots of tea and mummify myself when I hit the bed tonight.

I just hope I can make it till friday - I've got a day off from work then - and get over it by saturday. I refuse to let trivial things such as a cold or even something worse slow me down. Sitting down and feeling sorry for yourself is hardly the correct way to deal with it if you ask me. Fight it!

Now, something different. Imagine that you live in a large building with lots of neighbors you all know. Most of them are computer savvy and all of them are interested in the internet, the technology that powers it and various ways to access it. This group of neighbors decides to put up access points and offer a free wireless (WiFi) grid to everyone in the building. That should be allowed, right? After all, nothing illegal is going on, no regulations are broken and it does benefit everyone in the community - even those that without the group effort would have no access to the technology at all.

Does the situation change when a city decides to deploy a large free (or low cost) access WiFi grid so all of its citizens - including the less fortunate ones - can get access to information for free and thus spark economic growth?

Verizon seems to think differently and is seriously limiting the possibilities for non-commercial municipal groups to set up free WiFi grids because it is unfair competition. Excuse me, but if a commercial entity gets its ass kicked by a group of (generally less well-organised) volunteers or municipal entities, it should step up to the challenge and try to do better, and not seek legal ways to guard their marketshare. More details here : Law may snag Philadelphia Wi-Fi rollout.

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