Breathe, breathe you fucker


Anyone got an idea what band/artist I'm listening to right now? I'll give you a tip to make it easier : it ain't Helmut Lotti, lol.

This morning I woke up and for a split second thought "screw it all, I'm sleeping in today and let them figure it all out" but being the responsible person that I am, I didn't. When I arrived at work, I told my colleague about it, and his answer was that he had the same idea, yet went to work too. Well, we're cool like that, you know.

't was bloody cold today though - it actually has been for the past few days - and while I usually don't really suffer from it, I've been having problems adapting to it it seems. I'll probably be ready for cold weather by the time spring comes around. Coz I'm cool like that...


:D I know what you're listening to!

Do you Ash? What's the answer?

It's Ministry of course!

Damn Ash, you still rule :p

In so many ways young grasshopper...

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