Blurry eyed suprise


For some strange reason my vision is all blurry right now - it's just the left eye and only at it's edges but it both irritates me and makes it very hard to focus. I just got out of the bath where I had been reading all the time without problems, just as I got to the last pages of my magazine I noticed something weird.

Now as I'm writing on my PC, it bothers me less, but seeing that my left eye is the dominant one, it kinda sucks. I've always known that it is much worse as my right one - that's why I've got to wear glasses when looking at things in the distance - but this also affects my close range vision. Off to check in the mirror if something might have gotten stuck in it, without me knowing nor feeling it.


Didn't your parents warn you that would happen if you masturbated too much?

I thought masturbation only resulted in dead kittens. Besides, after masturbating, my vision was fine again.

No, seriously now. It's magically gone, just as it suddenly appeared. Strange, but I'm fine now.

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