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My kick - your sick

| 1 Comment and subsequently The Register report that New Zealand has banned the game Postal 2 - produced by RwS - from being sold in the country. In fact, if you (already) own a copy of the game, you'd be in violation and could be fined NZD2000.

Similar things happened in Australia when they banned Manhunt.

Let me be clear about something : I've played Postal 2, and yes it's gory, violent and freaky, but at the same time it's incredibly funny, sarcastic and makes fun of everyone and everything. I guess it just takes education and openmindedness to see beyond the shallow violence and enjoy the finer puns in the game. Yes, RwS mocks the Middle East, but they mock Catholics as well, and all Tree Huggers are served a round of the same. If you can't see that humor is nothing personal, but just an enlargement of the differences that make each and everyone of us unique, I pity you.

Why is everyone up in arms about all of this? If it ain't your thing, don't buy it. Please stop forcing your "noble" mindset onto others, for you may not truely realize what a beast you've unleashed until it turns against you. The most sickening part of this all is not the fact that these games exist, but the fact that more and more similar behaviour is appearing worldwide. Conservative members in the USA are planning a giant campaign against pornography and China is coming down hard on adult entertainers and site owners as well.

If porn ain't your thing, don't look at it. Your kick might be my sick and vice versa. I don't go running around telling people they can't go to church, that they can't do drugs, or can't love someone of the same gender. None of the above examples interests me in particular, but I'm not offended if others make a choice to practice any of them. Their choice personal of freedom doesn't infringe my personal freedom and therefore I have no right whatsoever to get involved in their personal freedoms.

While it is true that personal freedoms often interfere with each other, please don't go looking for problems and intereferences that ain't there.

I suggest you watch The People VS Larry Flynt - I did, once again last night - and think it all over.

Real short entry

If you're into Industrial, EBM, Noise, Goth, Drum 'n Bass, or some other electronic form of music, check this :

The Bass is Warm - DJ Testosterone
Distorted Circuitry with DJ Morgana and DJ RaZorGrrL

I'm quickly stuffing food in my face, then off to work. Starting to feel slightly human again.

Short entry, feeling very ill.

Sprained a muscle in my back when going shopping yesterday morning it seems. It hurts when I sit, stand, lay down or breathe - pretty much all the time that means.

At work the cold I was hoping to have conquered by friday finally broke through and I got a terrible headache. Got home around 22h45 and didn't even check my mail or cooked dinner. Had two cups to tea to help with my sore troath and went to bed just before midnight because I wanted to get at least 10 hours of sleep.

Have been turning in bed around till 04h45, not catching a single minute of sleep, cursing the damn headache and back that gave me crap. Finally got up and searched the medical cabinet for something that could help me, but found nothing but three meds that I don't even recall getting - must be remainders of the time Sandra was still living here - and they expired somewhere in 2000, 2001 and 2004. Hating meds anyway I decided not to take my chances on unprescribed, unknown expired pills. Finally remembered the sirop I got from the vet a couple of months ago, which was to help Tisha breathe easier. If it works for her, it should work for me as well, besides it is actually intended for humans. Took two spoonfuls - after reading the instructions - and went back to bed.

My head and back still hurt but at least the coughing got a bit less and I think I might finally have gotten 4 hours of sleep. Took my temperature as well and though it was high, I wasn't running a fever

Off to work in less than two hours now, feeling pretty tired, in pain and generally bad. I hope I can make it till tomorrow evening and crash during tuesday, wednesday and thursday. Someone remind me please to at least get some acetylsalicylic acid to deal with the headache.



Off to get some food for this afternoon - I'm having spaghetti tonight after I get home - and then at 13h00 off to work after entertaining the fuzzies for a while. Cleaned out their cage completely yesterday coz they made a mess out of it.

Heard a very funny story yesterday evening in the pub, it's a good thing my best friend Joco knows me very well, or I might be in trouble :) Allow me to explain :

Joco and Eef have two kids, Alex and Michael. Alex will be three this year and is talking quite well already. Over the week, daddy asked him what happens when daddy goes to work, and what does the little rascal answer?

"Uncle ServMe comes over."
"Ah", says daddy, "so he comes over to play with you?"
"No," Alex answers, "he comes over for mommy. And they go upstairs (to the bedroom)."

Oops... damn kids ;) You can imagine the trouble I could have been in for something that ain't even true. Phew. This reminds me of another story, but I'll keep that for some other day.

Steph and Chantal want to go to Valencia


You know, I normally hate these "please vote for me", "join me on site xxx", "help me so I can win ..." mails. Yes I receive these every now and then and usually just delete them, not bothering to do whatever it says. Yes, I'm a bully like that.

I just don't like the idea that one organisation collects and gathers data on tons of people in return for a slight chance of winning a prize for someone else. Hell, I hate giving out my personal details, answer queries or fill out forms unless I get to pick where I do so and when I do so. So I certainly don't unless it benefits me.

However, today I received a mail from Steph, who's a former colleague of mine. Back in the days, we had lots of fun and enjoyed working together. Well, at least that is my impression. She wants to win duo tickets to go to Valencia with her girl, and since I know she really loves sea, sun and sex partying, I decided to give her a little push in the right direction, and I clicked on her site to vote. No need to fill out details, to leave your e-mail address, nothing.

Steph and Chantal want to go to Valencia, so give the ladies a hand and vote : If you click that link and leave a comment on this blog, I'll even send you some totally hot FK stickers!

Yeah yeah... I know. I'm too good for this world ;)

The hood is yours now

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Got about an hour and a half of GTA San Andreas playtime yesterday, took over two - or was it three - more hoods. I'm up to 16 now, and steadily working on expanding my territories. Too bad I sometimes just forget to duck and avoid bullets fired at me - I just stand there blasting everyone else away. I looks mighty cool, but at the same time it is incredibly foolish. I know, I know... but it is just so much fun.

Maybe I should concentrate on finishing some more missions, guess I'll play some more tonight, take over hoods till I reach 20 and then continue wreaking havoc during missions. I'm finally getting "into" the game it seems. At first I was a bit disappointed that San Andreas didn't really suck me in as Vice City and GTA3 did, but I think that is just to blame on the console. I played GTA3 and Vice City on PC, and was really struggling with the PS2 controller.

I hope to find some of the 2 player locations soon, so I can invite Joco over to really tear up the place :)

Oh, my troath still hurts although it seems a tad bit better today but the green slimes are still invading. I'll live through it.


As I was driving home last night I already noticed that my troath was hurting a bit, and when I woke up this morning, it was even worse. Add to that some sneezing, snotty boogers and green slime and you'll understand that I seem to have caught something. I doesn't worry me though, as I'll start eating more fruit, drink lots of tea and mummify myself when I hit the bed tonight.

I just hope I can make it till friday - I've got a day off from work then - and get over it by saturday. I refuse to let trivial things such as a cold or even something worse slow me down. Sitting down and feeling sorry for yourself is hardly the correct way to deal with it if you ask me. Fight it!

Now, something different. Imagine that you live in a large building with lots of neighbors you all know. Most of them are computer savvy and all of them are interested in the internet, the technology that powers it and various ways to access it. This group of neighbors decides to put up access points and offer a free wireless (WiFi) grid to everyone in the building. That should be allowed, right? After all, nothing illegal is going on, no regulations are broken and it does benefit everyone in the community - even those that without the group effort would have no access to the technology at all.

Does the situation change when a city decides to deploy a large free (or low cost) access WiFi grid so all of its citizens - including the less fortunate ones - can get access to information for free and thus spark economic growth?

Verizon seems to think differently and is seriously limiting the possibilities for non-commercial municipal groups to set up free WiFi grids because it is unfair competition. Excuse me, but if a commercial entity gets its ass kicked by a group of (generally less well-organised) volunteers or municipal entities, it should step up to the challenge and try to do better, and not seek legal ways to guard their marketshare. More details here : Law may snag Philadelphia Wi-Fi rollout.

Exploits, updates and (a lack of) patches.

An exploit has been found in the Sun Java plugin, a java virtual machine used by various browsers, not only IE or Firefox. Java Runtime version 1.4.2_05 and older are vulnerable to this exploit where a specially crafted malicious applet can escape the built-in sandbox and do whatever it wants on the system. Solution : Upgrade to 1.4.2_06.

Secondly - and possibly more important - the still unpatched iframe vulnerability (aka Bofra) in Internet Explorer 6 was aggressively exploited over the weekend. One online advertising delivery service (ran by Falk eSolutions AG) was compromised and one in every 30 ads served by them were redirected to a website containing malicious code, exploiting the iframe vulnerablity.

XP users that have the SP2 installed are not affected, all other windows users are vulnerable unless they use a different browser, or MS comes up with a patch. More info can be found here and here.

To make this entry slightly interesting, here's a funny (in a juvenile way) flash animation for you to enjoy : Winky Winky Bum Bum Poo Poo Titty Titty


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Off to work in about 30 minutes and I think the day is gonna suck. Mondays (and fridays) always are crappy when doing this particular task, the day seems to last forever and to top it all off lots of rain is expected.

At least the rest of the week I'll be able to sleep a bit longer since I'm working late shifts, and for some strange reason I'm off on friday, which ain't bad but I'd rather have worked a late shift today and friday instead of a long dayshift today and having friday off. I guess I can't have it all, can I?

Hope to hear soon about the new and upcoming schedule which will be completely according to the CAO (don't know the proper english word for it), as it will probably suck even worse. Not need to complain about it yet though, lets just wait and see what happens. Lots of water under the bridge etc.


I bought one of these delicious nuts a couple of days ago and decided that it was time to open it up today. I brought out the hammer and gently started pounding on it to crack it open and first extract its fluids. To my surpise, it did crack all the way round without the nut itself being damaged. I lifted off the top half with some effort and was looking to an intact coconut. The bottom half was hammered a few more times so it cracked in three different places as well and I had a shell-less coconut in my hand!

Very nice and much easier to eat as well. I'm a happy camper, chewing away on my coconut :)

Denise - what a pain in the ass

I finally got around to playing some GTA San Andreas again today - it had been quite a while and I already lost some interest in it, as I was really stuck on some missions. However, today I tackled the OG "Madd Dog's Rhyme Book" mission, followed by Officer Tenpenny's first mission where you gotta burn down a house and rescue Denise. Not too difficult, or maybe I just got lucky.

Accepted a phonecall from Sweet and finally unlocked Ammunation so I could get myself some better guns. Took over the Glenn Park territory and after saving I took over another one as well. Successfully defended my own hood, but then got slaughtered when attempting to take over a third area. I must admit though that I went in totally unprepared : no body armor, only one gang member with me, and with a one star police wanted level. It turned out to be a bad idea :)

Anyway, taking over territories is not really that hard it seems, as long as you know what you're doing and are stacked up on armor, guns and ammo. And there's lots of cash to be made by fighting gangwars. Both during the wars itself - opposing gang members as quite often loaded with cash - as after you've taken over the hood.

I might put in some more hours later today, but I got tired of playing right now.

Blurry eyed suprise


For some strange reason my vision is all blurry right now - it's just the left eye and only at it's edges but it both irritates me and makes it very hard to focus. I just got out of the bath where I had been reading all the time without problems, just as I got to the last pages of my magazine I noticed something weird.

Now as I'm writing on my PC, it bothers me less, but seeing that my left eye is the dominant one, it kinda sucks. I've always known that it is much worse as my right one - that's why I've got to wear glasses when looking at things in the distance - but this also affects my close range vision. Off to check in the mirror if something might have gotten stuck in it, without me knowing nor feeling it.

Freaks and exhibits

I'm currently setting up a group visit to the Tatu - Tattoo exhibit in Brussels on sunday, December 5th with a bunch of friends and aquaintances. If you want to join us around 13h00, and possibly afterwards for some food, get in touch with me. If you want to find out more about the exposition beforehand, check the latest entry on Most people that are joining so far are IAM/BME members, so if you've got access to IAM you can also check out the event announcement and some details here.

Everyone is free to join us, but please be aware that this group of people is (heavily) modified and certainly pro bodymodification. If you are a close minded person that just wants to look at freaks at the exhibit, don't join us. If you are open to meeting new people, discuss new ideas and new experiences, you're more than welcome.

Languages spoken during the visit and afterwards will most likely be a mixture of Dutch, French, English and possibly some German, Spanish... It'll be quite a diverse and international group attending.


that this week is finally finished. Today one person gave me shit while I was just doing my job. I can totally understand him being tired and a bit irritated that I pointed something out to him, but refusing to cooperate and identify himself was not terribly smart. Luckily he seems to have realized that a bit later on, as he came up to me and identified himself to me. By that time we had already looked up his record though based on his location and the number of his locker.

When he ran into some problems moving around on the site a few minutes after my encounter with him, he got quite a preach from my colleague(s) at the other end of the line and he apologized. I just wished that he would have understood that I was just doing my job too, and I wasn't out to get him or piss him off. We are on site to serve the client and at the same time professionally and politely yet firmly enforce the rules as they are set by our client. We don't make those rules and we don't enjoy pointing out to people that they're wrong or offending those rules.

Ah well... I guess it's just one of those things we all have to live with and I know for a fact that I won't lose a minute of sleep over it. I did what I was supposed to do, but he opted to make a problem of it, whereas if he just complied I would have taken a look at his badge so I knew his name and let it slip. Him reacting as his did though forced me to take official note and relay the information to others.

Believe me people : making things difficult doesn't solve anything, for neither party. In the end you'll draw the shortest straw anyway, and we'll just have more paperwork and effort put in it than it all is worth.

I am sorry, kitten...


Warning : if you can't handle real life situations with a less than happy (hollywood type) ending, don't continue reading. Stop reading here, I'm NOT kidding. Keywords for the true story below are things like cute animals, blood, gore and guts.

I guess you've all heard about the "Everytime you masturbate, god kills a kitten" image/banner that has been floating around on the web. Well, I wonder if it works the other way around too? In that case, god should his/her freak on, shake that booty, work that wonder.

Why? Coz today I killed a kitten. Yes, it unfortunately is no joke, although I'm not sure whether or not is wasn't dead before, nor could I do anything about it. Allow me to explain.

We've got two of these rolling bands to transport luggage that people can use when they enter the building. They're only in use when lots of people come in at once and are turned off the rest of the day. Today I had duty there, so I arrive at 05h30 or something like that and happily chat along with the colleagues. We also go outside to see if the cats are around and we notice they're all there except one : the little black and white kitten ain't there.

As people start coming in, I check their bags and after a while as the flow of people increases I reach for my keys and turn on the transport band. It opens the gate and starts rolling. As it's rolling for just a couple of seconds it suddenly runs off its regular path so I immediately press the emergency stop and reverse it to see what has happened. It returns to its regular path again, so I switch direction again and notice a little red spot on the band itself. This is quite strange as it had not yet been used today so no luggage could have leaked.

I stop it again using the emergency stop and do a step back when I notice something terrible : apparently the missing little black and white kitten somehow managed to get into the mechanism and I'm looking at a part of a dead kitten at 06h10 or so in the morning. On an empty stomach.

I manage to call in a colleague to check what and if we can do something about it, but it's quite clear that there is no way the little kitten can still be alive. Going by the smell that now surrounds the transport band, I think it might even have been in there for a while, possibly even dead before I started the thing.

There is little we can do apart from try to contain and control the situation, especially if we expect a few hundred people entering right besides the location of the accident. I grab a few paper napkins, pick up some bloody parts, and rearrange some things to provide as little direct line of view to the kitten as possible. I doubt anyone noticed anything - apart from the transporter not being in service - as they entered and I checked their bags.

After most people had entered and it calmed down significantly we had two technicians come in - they had been called already - to disassemble the transport band, get the kittlen out and clean everything. Not their most favorite work, that was clear but after a few hours most was cleaned up and disinfected. The smell however remains and the impression will remain branded in my brain for a long time. If only I had seen the kitten - which was impossible - or had not started the transporter - something I had to do.

Yes, I am very sad about it and I wished it hadn't happened, but there is little I could have done to prevent it. Should I rename this blog to Crushedkitten instead?

After this wonderful start of the day, things only went downhill and sucked majorly. I'll be happy when it's friday afternoon and I'm away from all this for 2 days.

Breathe, breathe you fucker


Anyone got an idea what band/artist I'm listening to right now? I'll give you a tip to make it easier : it ain't Helmut Lotti, lol.

This morning I woke up and for a split second thought "screw it all, I'm sleeping in today and let them figure it all out" but being the responsible person that I am, I didn't. When I arrived at work, I told my colleague about it, and his answer was that he had the same idea, yet went to work too. Well, we're cool like that, you know.

't was bloody cold today though - it actually has been for the past few days - and while I usually don't really suffer from it, I've been having problems adapting to it it seems. I'll probably be ready for cold weather by the time spring comes around. Coz I'm cool like that...

Oooh, the excitement

Nothing much new to post or write about here. Or at least not things that I can/should post about at this time. Been working on my x-mas wishlist a bit and worked hard yesterday and today. I'll spend most of my days on a bike the rest of the week and then the end of the month is coming closer already.

Gotta go grab some food now - I'm having chicked and potatoes - and then I'll watch some TV and go to bed. Yes, my life is terribly exciting :)

Oops, I did it again


Just got back from the shopping spree I announced below. I did get what I needed partially, and much more at the same time. I needed socks, and I got them (15 pair to be correct) and I picked up a few boxer shorts as well cos some older ones could need a replacement. So far so good... but then I ended up at free record shop :(

Missy Elliott's Under Construction (I'm still not sure whether or not I actually owned this CD yet, but I can't spot it right now), an Eminem DVD under the name "E", then to satisfy my geek roots I picked up the original Tron (20th anniversary edition with bonus DVD) and finally to end with a cultural note the DVD of Cidade De Deus (City of God), a movie that I originally downloaded from to web but loved so much that I now picked up the original DVD version. Can't wait to see it again.

When I came home, the mailman had dropped off my ordered Scala on the Rocks "Dream On" double CD as well. Now if only I could find the previous album I bought from them. I have the bad habit of leaving CD's everywhere, often resulting in losing them for a couple of months and then suddenly rediscovering them. I just found a stack hidden somewere (OST of Charlies Angels - Yasmine, Blauw - OST of Blade - Melanie C, Reason - OST of Johnny Mnemonic and Music by Madonna).

This reminds me to put Nothern Star from Mel C on my X-mas wishlist... my CD suffered from a nasty scratch and I love the album to it just needs replacement.

Got things to do

and I'm not expecting Joco and Alex before noon so maybe I should get my ass in gear right now and get most if not all of it done. It's just trivial things like picking up food, new socks, possibly shoes etc.

Note to J & A : if you call me and I ain't home, try the mobile - I probably won't be far away.

Magic I tell you

Ain't it strange how simple things in life can be so enjoyable? I'm not talking about taking a good dump or relieving your bladder from pressure, let alone having an orgasm. All of those are nice, no doubt about it, but I'm talking about something some people wouldn't even think of.

This morning as I woke up a few minutes after 9, I go up, took a pee and headed back to bed. I opened the curtains and the window so a plentitude of air and light flooded the bedroom, and I just dug myself a bit deeper into my blanket and read some magazines and stuff like that. It was great to just see all the light, feel the cold breeze and let my mind make strange hops and connections as I was browsing through articles, cruising on words.

Life is magic, let me assure you.

Off to my sister now to return her TV...

Long day, short entry

Tired, need food, need sleep, gotta play GTA San Andreas. Tomorrow.


Recent events - such as the killing of Theo Van Gogh in Holland - as well as older events - Pim Fortuyn for instance - got me thinking. Has anyone ever given any thought to the fact that referring to terrorists as (for instance) muslim terrorists, or in the Cold War period talking about Commies doesn't solve a thing?

The only thing it accomplishes - if you ask me - is to make sure that even those who are not involved in any "illegal" activities (of course always depending on what side you're on) are tossed into the same corner as those who think violence and armed resistance will result in a solution. Imagine being called "insert derogative description here" for extended periods of time, while you as a single person have got nothing to do with it. You are a victim of generalization and thus will sooner or later take a them-vs-us stance, willingly or not.

No one stands up to prolonged exposure of such behaviour and that is exactly what more extreme forces in any culture or movement feed on. That's the tiny spark they need to convince otherwise very sane and realistic people to join their "cause".

Don't you think it would be better to just talk about terrorists instead? It may only be a very small change, but the step from it towards the generalization of a complete religion, race or group is less likely to happen. I think fear has proven to be a bad advisor, yet it is a very powerful emotion that is (too) easily exploited by others.

Well, the more I think about it, the less I recall what my point was. This is just a confused post by a confused mind I suppose, although somewhere hidden deep inside, a valuable point has to reside. If you spot it, let me know...

Fox goes Gold

Mozilla Firefox has reached version 1.0 and has been officially released. As some of you might already have noticed, due to the overwhelming success the Mozilla/firefox and link sites are very difficult to reach. Quite some of the FTP sites are flooded with users as well, so here are some extra direct links to help distribute the load on servers :

Main FTP :
FTP Mirror Europe 1 :
FTP Mirror USA 1 :
FTP Mirror USA 2 :

Note : make sure you browse to the correct directory! You'll be looking for something like firefox - releases - 1.0. Then depending on your OS you'll have to decide what directory to use. Windows based OS'es need too look in the Win32 dir, Linux users need linux-i686 and Mac users should obviously go for Mac.

Versions are important

So much for being under the impression that I would be home for a total of 4 days straight after having worked 7 in a row. As I was leaving this morning, I had the astounding idea to take a quick peek at the schedule for this week, just to make sure I still was expected to start on saturday morning. I was, but then I suddenly noticed that I'm expected to work 10 hours on wednesday as well... something that is not on the schedule I've got at home! Sure enough, the version I've got at home dates from October 28th, and the one at work is from November 3rd.

I'm off to bed now and I doubt that trivial things like working ten hours extra will keep me from sleeping as a rose something that sleeps well. Think of all the extra money I'll make. Yeah, right :)

Need food

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I just ordered some very yummy chinese food, and I'm off to pick it up. The good thing is that I can take the rest of it with me to work, so that's another "problem" solved. Tata!

Royally Screwed

Well, that was just my first impression, when I looked at the clock this morning and it said 05h45 and my colleague hadn't yet arrived. Officially we only start/stop at 06h00, so if he arrives at 05h59 there is not really a problem. No one forces us to come 15 minutes earlier, but I - and most colleagues - do so anyway because it facilitates an easy shift change, with enough time to pass information about expected, past and ongoing things.

Around 06h00 we called the colleague that had to come and relieve me of my duties and we actually woke him up. I was able to leave at 06h45, so I did an extra 45 minutes today. The bad thing is that it'll cut into the amount of time I can sleep, the good thing is that today is sunday, so I get 45 minutes paid a tiny little bit more as usual.

The best thing is though that in 13 hours or so I start my last graveyard shift, and I'm looking forward to being home again for a few days, so I can do some shopping, and find some time to play some more GTA San Andreas. Off to bed now!

Something else

Kerry : 3824 - Bush : 23 I came across the image when reading comments on Cy's blog entry WTF'04 about the elections. Jeanette Winterson's November post touches the same subject, so if you're tired of this election stuff already, skip it. I promise to include something else in this entry, especially for you.

Something else.



I guess that by now most of you will have heard "Mosh", the political song and video released by Eminem to encourage people to go and vote in the elections. Mosh is also available on his newest album "Encore", due to be released on November 12th.

Other tracks - apart from Mosh - that I found to be very strong are "One Shot 2 Shot" and "We as Americans" whereas "Just Lose It" seems to be a recycled version of his greatest hits. Not a bad song, but a bit chaotic if you ask me.

Deception 2004


I feel utter disappointement in those who really think that getting Bush re-elected was a wise move. If you are one of them, may God be with you, because that is exactly what you'll have to rely on in the next decades. Don't expect the rest of the world to stick out its hand and help. Flipping everyone the finger can hardly be seen as constructive conversation, and while we tend to forgive and move on to more important things in life, we don't forget. We really hoped you would have learned something from the past 4 years. Apparently you didn't. Will it take another 9/11?

Four more years. Let those letters do the talking :

Fear mongering
religious zealots

media concerns


From this day on - and until the current administration is terminated - I will refer to America as USE instead of USA.

Note : I am fully aware of the fact that a fair portion of Americans actually know their stuff, they are not pleased with the outcome of this election either, nor are they looking forward to the future. These people are probably looking into emigrating from the USE as we speak, and I can't blame them. However, even whilst being an informed and open minded American, it won't be easy the next decade, as a majority of ignorant fools just made it harder for everyone.


be careful if you have to travel this morning. It's incredibly foggy outside and quite dangerous.



Yes, I'm listening to Ministry's New World Order track from their album Psalm 69. I think it is quite appropriate in the light of current events. It'll be quite a few more hours before we actually know whether or not there is even a faint chance of a N.W.O., but I'll be listening to the news for sure. The first results should start coming in after 03h00 and since I'll be awake and working I hope to be able to follow it on the radio.

While I could write lots and lots about it all, I decided not to attribute more importance to it as it has. Sure, some call it the election of "the most powerful man on earth", but frankly I doubt that. The actions and decisions taken over there (points to the USA) in the (recent) past made me realize that you are not a leader because you claim to be one.

One is seen and recognized as a leader because of what they do, and especially how they do it. If you disregard everything but your own benefit - or the benefits of the close circle of "friends" around you - you can never been accepted as a leader beyond that small group of people that will not doubt you or criticize you.

Remember people : a friend will tell you when you do well, but a true friend will speak openly and frankly when you go wrong. Then is the time to listen and reflect upon their words, and look beyond the immediate pain and hurt you feel because they challenge you. True friends don't intend to hurt you, but aim to help by being honest.

Have you voted?

On or off, decide, will you?

Time to hit the sack baby. One down, 6 to go and even though it was kinda busy this morning - starting a shutdown always increases the amount of people and problems on site - it wasn't too bad. Spent close to 50% of my shift outside, walking through the night and if it hadn't been for the two or three hours of rain, it would have been very enjoyable.

And something exciting happened too. I checked a particular place that is not used that often and made sure all lights were out and everything was in order. When I walked past it a couple of hours later, the lights were back on, what is very supicious in the middle of the night, and for a place where no one should be. I alerted my colleagues and went to investigate. It turned out no one was there, everything was okay. Someone must have gone in there to check on something and forgot to turn off the lights again. That may sound like nothing much, but it's the tiny details that often make the difference...

It was all a lot more exciting when I was carefully checking the corners and rooms, it almost sounds boring when written down. Such is life I suppose.

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