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Even though MT-Blacklist is doing a very good job protecting this blog from comment spam, I've just installed an additional script to close comments after a certain amount of time and inactivity. While this means readers won't be able to comment on pretty old entries, that doesn't really matter as hardly anyone does. It's very rare to get comments on archived entries, apart from spam comments that is.

The benefit of the script is that the time window for spammers becomes smaller, because there'll be less comments to spam on, and a higher chance of me noticing such an occurence. All this text to inform you that if you click on a comment link but don't get an option to actually leave a comment, this is quite normal and intended behaviour. It shouldn't happen on "recent" posts though. As always, if you notice problems or run into trouble, feel free to let me know!

In other and slightly related news, I've decided to discard all mail not arriving at the official FK e-mail address. I used to have a catch-all activated, but since spammers just love(d) to fuck up my domain(s) there is no other solution I think. Since a few seconds, all non-official e-mail address using mail goes straight into the bit bucket. This includes some of the previous addresses I created, but that were never used. They may still be mentioned on the blog in older entries though, but you shouldn't use those anymore.


Bear with me, I'm kind of computertarded. Ok, I'm horrible with computers. I have MT Blacklist installed. Yet I'm getting sometimes 100 a day that will date back all the way to the beginning of my blog a year ago. How do you include a script to do this and where?

At least you got it installed. I downloaded and can't make sense of it. I even asked my server for help and he suggested that I take the time to delete spam entries from my blog everyday. There hasn't been any since I changed the url but they will find me again eventually.


I mailed Mark about an hour ago with quite a lengthy description of what might be wrong and what he can do to get a grip on the comment spam. If you want to, feel free to mail me - my address is available on this page, although slightly hidden - and I'll see if I can give you a hand with getting MT-Blacklist to run.

Please include the following : The version of MT you run, whether or not you've got MT-Blacklist installed (or partially), what database you are using (Berkeley or MySQL), and what OS your server is running on (usually linux or unix, or windows).

Doing a quick check shows me you run an outdated version of MT as well. First attempt an upgrade of that to the latest 2.6x version (2.661) before attempting to get MT-Blacklist working.

I will really appreciate the help. However, you hid your e-mail address too good for me. so I have included mine here. I will try to find out all the information you need. I didn't install MT. It was done for me. I am a little better then average with html but php or the other can really confuse me. If you are willing to explain things really simply, I am willing to learn.

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