Another month gone

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Time really flies recently if you ask me. Maybe it's due to the fact that I work odd days and times and thus have less of a "regular" sense of time, coz I can't really come up with another reason why it would seem like it.

October has just started and already X-mas is around the corner. Gotta do some shopping today (after I've slept that is) and some chores around the place. I'm gonna give Joco a call to see if he's working from home and if so I'll pop over to say hi to him, Eef and the kiddo's.

Off to watch some more TV, read a few pages in my book and get a good rest. Oh, and I wished that a certain someone - I think she knows who I mean - would be more - I can't find the correct word here - open to new things.

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he is not working at home today. will be home around 19.00, i hope.

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