Does anyone remember the song by Cliff Richard "Lucky Lips"? Mine are not that lucky it seems. In fact, right now they're pretty numb but starting to hurt as time goes by. What happened you might wonder?

Let us just say that putting a fork that has been in a hot frying pan for a couple of minutes in your mouth is not a good idea. I was frying some meat and left to go check something on the telly and when I returned I picked up my fork, and did the dumb thing described above. As I heard the sizzling of my flesh when it came into contact with the hot metal, I knew something was quite wrong and even though I sucked on an icecube for a couple of minutes, the damage was/is done.

Good thing I now know - thanks to my first aid course last week - what first, second and third degree burns look like and how to care for them. Knowing what they look like is quite different from experiencing a first degree burn though, and to be honest, I wasn't really counting on having such a first hand experience. Ouchie.


aw that must hurt like hell!

ai ai ai......

bad news............

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