If it it me getting old and grumpy, or just them being total fools? Or the combination of the two? The text below is an entry I came across, written by an 18 year old. I left typo's and errors uncorrected in order to keep the authenticity of the text.

Well... I went to the Evolve festival. It was honestly one of the best expereinces of my life. I was amazed by everything. The first night we got there I hung out mostly with Vern. We had taken thr same pill and we're enjoying the same buzz. It was really different than usually. I didn't really dance cause I was way too interested in the trails and just walking around. I took another pill when my buzz wore off and we went to bed at 8. I slept for 2 hours and woke up feeling sick. Vern doesn't want me to do coke, so when he left I hid and snorted a line. He came back and I felt a little better. But I still needed food. So we went to the mall nearby and ate. When we came back I did some mesc and some more coke. We hung out all day in the tent talking to people walking by. At 8 I took my first pill of the night. Vern and P-L wanted to sleep a bit, so I left with Jeff. We talked and walked around. By the time I got back to Vern at 12, I had already taken 2 more pills. He said he would join us later and we went dancing. The music was AWESOME. I wish I knew who the DJ was... Anyways, I took another 2 pills. I was loving it! Vern never came to join us, so I went looking for him. He had done 5 grams of shrooms and was really fucked up, so I let him sleep. It was now 3 AM and I took another pill. I met some guy who had just done Acid for the first time... it was cool. I didn't sleep all night. The next morning I took another 2 pills. We hung out all day and that night I took a pill, and some guy offered me a line of MDMA free. So we partied all night again.

This was the best thing I have ever done. It was crazy!

So... is it me, or is it them?

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