They work hard for my money

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I - finally - received the details for the paycheck I got on september 8th, splitting up every hour worked and such in August 2004.

However, it wasn't just that... The envelope also contained :

a revision for the statement of July 2004
a revision of a revision for the statement of May 2004
a revision for statement of April 2004

In other words, I got 1 regular statement and 3 revisions, try getting a clear view on that! I just spent about an hour going over all the changes and updates and as far as I can see, it's all correct(ed) now. I do expect getting a revised version of August with the statement of September though - not because something is wrong as far as I can see, but because they're used to it :)

Now I'm off to the bank to deal with them.

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Hi, love your place. Sorry, there was nowhere else to leave this.

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