Looking at violations


Spent most of my shift in the control room again, gaining more and more experience dealing with all kinds of calls, alarms and whatever is thrown at the operators. I was monitoring a roundabout on the site and counted 21 traffic violations in under 3 hours. And those were only the ones I actually saw happen, because I couldn't pay attention to the video feed all the time because I was handling more important alarms.

I wonder what is so hard about driving correctly? Do these people also take roundabouts the wrong way around on public roads - if so, I never want to meet any of them out there!

I've got some gmail invites left. Comment if you want one.


It's just more fun being dangerous! Plus it's a cheap thrill.

And roundabouts? Well, let's just say that I've actually stopped while going around one, put the car in reverse, and turned around. If I remember correctly, I did it because there was something big on the road though.... Now that I think about it, I think I did it because I had taken two vistaril tabs to stop an anxiety attack.

P.S. Do you still have a gmail invite?

Oh, and more importantly! THANKS SO MUCH for listing Eye of the Tiger! I couldn't remember the name of that song to save my life! Download here I come!!

Yes, I've got invites left and one is coming your way, Ethan. If I can find your e-mail address, that is of course :)

Thank you!

Peko Peko (Japanese for the sound of bowing... well, it's been awhile since I've taken Japanese, but I think that's still the sound word... It's just a gratitude marker in this case... ;)

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