Holy F*!


As I was reading P-Magazine at work two days ago, I stumbled upon their "Lezeres voor de Lens" section. Basically they shoot one of the magazine's female readers and publish some photos of her in the next edition. I was totally blown away by this months shoot of Sophia Osier. (Photographs are not yet available on the P-Magazine site as I write this entry, but I'll link/post some when they are!)

Not only does she look simply stunning, then I started reading her "data sheet" so to speak. She's 26, has animals (exotic fish, a cat) and lives in the same town as I do. She's got a son that takes up quite some of her time resulting in her not being a total party animal and her sign is Pisces. She either goes with the flow, or goes directly against it. About her character she says : "I'm very easy going and fun to deal with, but if you cross the line I can really come down hard on you."

She's currently in a relationship :( - and has been so for 3 years and looks kind of innocent which helps her hide her true nature (those are her own words).

My ideal guy has brown hair, and is a bit rough on the edges, and that can be quite extreme too. I like a guy with lots of tattoos and piercings, as long as he's got a great sense of humor too!

Why don't I meet lovely ladies like her? She seems to have it all... And she reflects the Pisces sign very well, I'm exactly the same.


Perhaps an add of your own would do the trick!

You never know what's ahead.

Happy hunting! :)

I don't go much for signs as a personality factor. My sun sign is Leo, but I'm more like a Cancer than anything else. I'm not outgoing and loud at all, nor am I a leader.

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