Head Racer 2?


Has anyone seen this ad on TV maybe? I believe I saw it on the tube but I ain't sure - it's about a razor specially crafted for shaving your head, and I was pretty convinced it was called "Head Racer 2", but under that name I can't find anything on the web. I also tried Head Razor, but that just gets me a page that sells hair extentions in flashy colors, lol!

Head Razor 2, Head Racing and multiple variants of it didn't get me anywhere either. Why is it that the single time I actually pay attention to advertising on TV, I can't find the product it promotes?


Speak to Kromedome on IAM, he has one :)

Woot, thanks Smeg, I'll do that!

Ooh, if you find out will you let me know? I'm sick of Ron using my Venus 3 for the job.

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